Free WordPress Blog Set Up And Installation Service

Starting a blog does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Let us help you set up your blog for free and give you a strong foundation to build on.

More times than often we have come across people whole are willing to start a blog but unable to take the initial steps because either they don’t have enough time to set it up or they lack the technical expertise.

And that is why you need us on your side. We will take care of the technical side of things and will give you a platform using which you can share your ideas, skills or thoughts with the world.

What’s included in this Free Blog Set Up Service

Blogging Unplugged is created with a mission to help new bloggers navigate the blogosphere easily and we do this by sharing our experiences in form of detailed tutorials.

Keeping this in mind, we will be offering nothing but value in this service. Below is a list of features that are included in this service.

WordPress Installation

WordPress powers nearly 40% of the web and this makes it the most popular and user-friendly CMS in the market today. We will install the latest version of it on your choice of hosting provider.


When running a website security has to be your top priority. You want to give your users a safe and secured environment to browse and we will make sure it happens from DAY 1. For this we will install a SSL certificate and will configure a malware scanning and protection solution to prevent any unwanted attacks.

Spam Protection

Spam is the biggest problem on the internet and on launching your blog you will most likely receive comments that have nothing to do with your site. These comments are not from real people and it is important your start managing these from the start as it can go out of control quickly. To help you with this we will install the best anti-spam plugin and will tweak the settings so that you don’t have to think about it one bit.

WordPress Theme Installation

“The First Impressions Matter”, when visitors land on your site, the first thing they see is the design of your blog. It has to be beautiful, user-friendly and at the same time optimized for performance. We will help you pick a theme and will install it on your blog. For you to get started quickly, we will also download the demo content. Please note that we will be installing a free theme and not a premium one unless you provide us with one.

SEO Optimized

If you are creating content then you want people to read it and one of the best ways to more eyeballs on your blog is to rank high on search engines. We will make sure your blog is optimized for search engines and in addition to that we will install and configure an SEO plugin to guide you with the optimization process when creating posts or pages.

Performance Optimization

Page Speed plays an important role in elevating the user experience and on top of that it is a ranking factor as well. This means fast loading websites are loved by both people and search engines. We want you to have a platform with a strong foundation that is loved by both people and search engines. For this we will install a free cache solution to make sure your site loads fast.

Contact Form + Email

Once you have launched your blog and started to see some traffic there are chances people would like to get in touch with you for sharing their feedback, collaborations, sponsored work and more. We will create a contact form using which you can stay in touch with your readers and other businesses in the industry.

30 Mins Free Consultation

We want to make your blogging journey as simple as possible and in this 30 minutes consultation we will give you a tour of your WordPress dashboard and the editor so that you are familiar with the landscape. Also, if you have any questions we would love to answer them.

Why Free WordPress Blog Set Up Service

After going through what we are offering in this service some of you may be thinking why do this for free when others charge for it.

I will be answering this question in 2 parts starting with the main mission first.

For most people, the difficult part is not buying hosting or installing WordPress, but is setting up the platform correctly. In other words getting the basics right.

Personally speaking, I have come across and fixed several blogs that have been running for months but the owners kept running into issues which made it really frustrating for them. And we don’t want that to happen to you.

We want you to have a strong start and get access to all the tools that will propel your blog to success.

As mentioned before, Blogging Unplugged was started to share information with new bloggers so that they do not face issues or make mistakes that I have committed during the initial days.

This blog set up service will ensure you will get started on the right track.

Now that you know the main reason, the second part of this answer is the monetary side of things and we would like be really transparent about it.

To keep the blogs up and running we offer freelance service such as this blog set up and consultation.

We normally charge $99 for this. However, if you sign up with a hosting provider using our link then we do not want you to pay us anything and we will set up your blog for free.

The idea here is simple, we are affiliate partners with various web hosting companies listed below

This means if you buy hosting from these companies using our link we will make a small commission.

Also, it is important to know us making commission from a purchase does not mean you will charged extra. And more times than often you will get a decent discount, if you sign up using our link.

All in all, this is a mutually benefitting situation for both as you get a discount + a free set up and we get paid via commission.

How to access the free blog step up service

Claiming your free blog set up is super easy and it can be done in just 2 steps. Just follow the instructions below carefully.

Clear Cookies and Buy Domain name and Hosting

Domain name and web hosting are 2 services without which you cannot start a WordPress blog or a website. In case you are not familiar with these terms then let me tell you briefly about them.

A domain name is the address of your blog using which people will visit your site. And web hosting is the space on a server where files related to your site are stored and displayed to the visitor when requested.

There are plenty of hosting providers in the market. However, on our list there are companies that are recommended by WordPress themselves.

Also, some of the hosting companies on this list will offer a free domain name with the plan that you will purchase (more savings). Hence you won’t have to buy a domain name separately.

Note- Please do not use any other links or coupons to buy hosting as failure to confirm a purchase will mean you won’t be eligible to get this service for free. We recommend you clear bowser cookies before buying.

In case you already have a domain name and hosting and you want to avail this service then you can get in touch with us using this form and we will be in touch with you.


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