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Welcome to
Blogging Unplugged

Looking to start a blog and grow it into a successful online business? You have come to the right place. Blogging Unplugged is the best online resource where you can find proven strategies that will help you generate traffic and turn your blog into an online business.

“In vain you have acquired knowledge, if you have not imparted it to others”. A famous quote by Deuteronomy Rabbah that we fully believe in. And that is why we share detailed guides, how-to’s and articles that are easy to understand and will provide you with complete knowledge about the subject matter.

Man Behind the Blog

Jasmeet Singh

Hello, I am Jasmeet, an avid book reader, animal lover and the man in-charge here.  My online journey started in the year 2012 where with first six months I crossed the $1000 benchmark.

And from there on wards it was a steady road. In all these years and still today, I find myself answering some common questions and also, noticed people were passionate about starting a blog online and making money from it but had no idea about where to start or were going in a completely different direction.

That is why I started this blog. On this blog I will sharing practical information on how to start a blog and scale it. And in case you have any queries feel free to contact me and follow me on social media, I will be happy to help.

Also, if you like what we are doing here, then make sure you subscribe to this blog, follow us on social media, tell us where you are from and what are your goals and we would love to connect with you.


How are we Different

No BS Advice

We believe in providing straight forward answers and not beating around the bush. Our articles and guides are detailed and are written with the prespective of providing full knowledge about the topic. And by the time you finish you will have a clear direction.


I have been in the online industry for around 8 years now and would love to share all of my experience with you. This blog is not about sharing tips of tricks, but providing solutions that will help you in the long run. Remember “there is no shortcut to success” and we believe in it.

Personal Touch​

The mission of this blog is to help new bloggers and show them the right path. Now when you are starting out, often you will face challenges, some of them will be easy to overcome and while for others you may need a little guidance. And in that case you can get in touch and I will try to help you with best of my abilities.

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What they say about us

sarah radically adorkable
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To the new blogger that is in need of help Jasmeet should be your go-to guy (If He is Not Already). I have only been blogging since September 2019, and he has helped me learn more about SEO, No Follow Links, Google Analytics, and so much more. My website has thrived since obtaining his help. As a new blogger, there is so much to learn, and so much help you need to just get started. Without his knowledge I know I'd still be lost in the world of Google.

Sarah High
gary and michelle
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We highly recommend Blogging Unplugged. When we first met Jasmeet, we were several months into our blogging adventure. We were not seeing traffic and we were running into one technical issue after another. Before starting our blog we had taken several courses on how to start a blog. The majority of them were pretty much the same, showing us which setting to use when starting up, ie: check this box, leave this section blank, etc. This was enough to get us started but not in the right direction. When what we thought were minor issues ( most were major issues) started to arise in our blog, I didn't have the knowledge needed to correct things. I didn't know why I had used the settings I was given/ instructed to use. I also didn't know what those setting did for our blog. After finding Blogging Unplugged we have learned not only the how but the why of everything we do, which allows us to problem solve most issues that come up. Jasmeet is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and very patient, as soon as something new arises or something changes in the blogging world, he is right on top of it and is already putting together a blog post to keep us up to date on the changes. Learning form him has taken our blog to the next level the correct way. We are now excited about blogging. You won't be disappointed with Blogging Unplugged.

Gary and Michelle
santanu debnath
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Jasmeet has very good knowledge on WordPress and his tutorials are really helpful. He always shares high-quality content with in-depth research to help bloggers. If you are looking for some actionable blogging tips & WordPress tutorials, you must follow his blog.

Jack Doe

New to Blogging

How are we Different

Start a Blog

In this module you will learn how to Start a Blog the right way and get access to tools that will help you grow your blog.

Learning Basics

Once you have started a blog, it is important for you to get familiar with the blogging landscape and learn the basics.

Grow It

In this module you will learn to grow your blog. We will discuss practical tips to generate traffic using SEO and Social Media.

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