Blogging Glossary- Best Dictionary for Blogging and WordPress Terms

Important Blogging Terminology you need to know

Have you ever visited a place or have tried something that you have never done before and find yourself in a situation where people around you are discussing topics and your understanding of the subject is very minimum.

Due to this you are having a hard time keeping up with things and hence want to avoid the situation completely.

This recently happened with me when I visited an international restaurant and found myself in a situation where everyone at the table was ordering food and passing names comfortably while I was having a hard time figuring out what is what until assisted.

In case the assistance wasn’t available then there are chances that I would have either left or may have ordered something that I would not want.

Same is the situation in blogging.

If you are new to the blogging industry and are not familiar with the terms, chances are your growth will be slower and the learning process will be a bit more difficult, time consuming and frustrating.

And that is why I have created this dedicated section where I will be sharing a massive list of Blogging, SEO, WordPress and related terms that will help you navigate the landscape of blogging world easily.

Now, in case you have landed here and are already familiar with these terms then I will suggest starting a blog and for that you can follow our guide on How to start a WordPress blog.

Blogging Glossary & Definitions

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