Elementor Pro Update- License to Include Staging Sites

If you are here then I’m sure you are aware of the fact that Elementor is a page builder plugin that lets you design complete sites and pages from scratch without having to worry about code.

Its pro version includes features such as theme builder, form builder, popup builder and more using which you can create and add almost any feature and functionality to your site.

It is important to know whenever you make any major changes to your site it is always recommended that you test everything first before pushing it to the production environment.

Keeping this in mind, Elementor has now expanded its license to include staging sites in this latest update and we will be discussing all about it in this article.

Elementor Pro expands license to include staging sites

If you have been using Elementor Pro then I’m sure you must have encountered this problem that the license becomes inactive or invalid or keeping giving error when you either install Elementor Pro on staging environment or clone your site that is using this plugin.

This happened because before this update Elementor Pro considered staging sites as a second or another website. and if you have reached the limit of site allowed on your Pro license then it will show you an error.

To understand this lets say you have the Elementor Pro’s personal plan and as this plan only allows you to use this plugin on a single site.

When you install it on a staging site, it will give you an error.

This means before this Elementor update if you wanted to make changes to your site then you would have to either upgrade your plan or do it directly on the live site.

And this was not very helpful as it is not the right approach.

It is important to know here that if you have a multi site Elementor Pro license then this might not have been a huge problem for you . However, for a single site license users this was a big deal.

Keeping this in mind, Elementor users have been very vocal about this and finally they have expanded the Elementor Pro license to include staging and live test environments.

This is a major update as now you will be able to test every minor and major change without having to worry about anything before implementing it to the production environment.

Expanding license to include test and staging sites will go a long way as it will improve user experience, ensure stability and shows that the company cares about it users.

Now that you are familiar with this update, the next question is

Which domains are not considered as a license by Elementor Pro

Staging sites can be created on both top level domains and subdomains. Most hosting companies provide staging environment as a part of its plans and if the plan that you are using does not come with this then you can use a plugin to create one.

Below we have a create a list of both TLD’s and subdomains that are not considered as a license by Elementor Pro.

Top level domains

  • *.dev (example.dev)
  • *.local (example.local)
  • *.staging (example.staging)
  • *.example (example.example)
  • *.test (example.test)
  • *.invalid (example.invalid)


  • dev.* (dev.example.com)
  • local.* (local.example.com)
  • test.* (test.example.com)
  • staging.* (staging.example.com)

See the complete list of allowed domains and subdomains here.

Before we move forward it is important to know that if you have a separate domain such as examplestaging.com or exampletest.com for staging purposes then you will need a new license and these won’t be covered under this update.

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Elementor Pro Pricing and Plans

Elementor Pro is a beginner friendly and a feature rich plugin that lets you design your site from scratch without having to worry about code.

On top of that it has pocket friendly plans that anyone can afford.

Elementor Pro has 5 plans

  • Essential- $49/ year (1 site)
  • Advanced- $99/year (3 sites)
  • Expert- $199/ year (25 sites)
  • Studio- $499/ year (100 sites)
  • Agency- $ 999/ year (1000 sites)
Elementor pro plans
Elementor pro plans

What’s included

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • Premium Support

Now that you are familiar with the Elementor Pro plans, the next step is to

I hope you will find this update helpful and now know that Elementor Pro has expanded its license to staging and test sites. In case you have any queries regarding this feel free to reach out via the comment section and we will be happy to help.

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