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Astra Membership Plans Rebranding Update- Essential and Growth

If you are here then I’m sure you are either looking to buy Astra membership plans or you are an existing customer.

As you know, Astra is one of the most popular theme in the WordPress ecosystem with over a million active installations.

Astra WordPress theme active installations
Astra WordPress theme active installations

And 4800+ five star ratings on WordPress.org.

This theme is built for performance and offers a complete solution for website building that is easily convenient for end users.

Astra being a multipurpose theme can be used for blogs, small business sites, online stores and educational websites.

This theme has 2 versions

  • Free
  • Pro

And in this article we will be discussing a recent update that WP Astra has released for its pricing and plans.

Below is the summary of the Astra theme membership plans rebranding update followed by a discount coupon that is valid for a limited time only.

  • There are no changes to the Astra Pro
  • Mini Agency Bundle is now called Essential Bundle
  • Agency Bundle is now known as Growth Bundle
  • The pricing and the features included in every plan are exactly the same as before.
  • Starter templates now have the new Premium label instead of agency.
New Astra Membership plans
New Astra Membership plans

As mentioned above, for a limited time Astra is also offering a 20% discount on all new purchases and upgraded as an added bonus. You can claim it using our SPECIAL LINK.

Astra Plans


Astra Pro

Annual- $47

Lifetime- $249


Annual- $169

Lifetime- $499


Annual- $249

Lifetime- 699

Why Astra rebranded the membership packages

After reading the summary of the this Astra theme packages branding update some of you may be thinking what is the reason behind doing this.

To understand the reason, you need to know a little bit about the Brainstormforce and Astra first.

Astra WordPress theme was created by Brainstormforce as a solution for problems related to not finding themes that are lightweight, highly customizable and extensible.

Basically, the aim was to build a theme that will considerably reduce the time of site development and at the same time making the process much more easier for beginners.

When we talk about beginners, the first thing that comes to mind is bloggers and small business owners.

The name of the membership plans before this update were Mini Agency and Agency bundle and this caused a slight confusion making people think that these plans are only for professionals and agencies.

And in reality that is not the case.

Astra and all the other Brainstormforce products are built for anyone and everyone who is looking to build a blog or a website that is optimized for performance, search engines and at the same time the site design is professional looking.

With the rebranding of Astra’s Mini Agency and Agency membership plans to Essential and Growth respectively will help get rid of all the confusion related to who can use these plans.

Brainstormforce force has done an exceptional job with the branding as the names are now self explainatory.

Rebranded Astra Membership plans and pricing

Now that you are familiar with the reason behind this update, the next topic we are going to discuss is the new Astra pricing and plans.

As mentioned above, only the names of the Astra membership plans have been changed and the pricing and the products included are still the same.

In this update

  • Astra Mini Agency Bundle has been rebranded to Essential Bundle
  • Astra Agency Bundle is the new growth bundle.
  • There are no changes to the Astra Pro plan
  • The Agency label on the Starter templated has been updated to Premium.
astra theme packages
Astra membership plans and pricing

As you can see in the screenshot above , the pricing is still the same and below we have listed what’s included in each plan.

Astra Pro

As the name suggests, Astra Pro is the premium version of the Astra WordPress theme and this is the entry level membership plan that you can buy.

Astra Pro is priced at $47 for annual and $243 for a lifetime license. Using our SPECIAL LINK you can get 20% off on this price for a LIMITED TIME.

What’s included

  • All Astra Pro features
  • Unlimited website usage
  • One to One support
  • Extensive training

Essential Bundle ( Formerly Mini Agency Bundle)

The mid tier plan offered by Astra is the Essential Bundle. This plan was previously known as the Mini Agency Bundle.

If you are looking to get your site up and running quickly then this package is for you.

Astra Essential Bundle is priced at $169 for annual and $499 for the lifetime license. For a LIMITED TIME you can 20% on your purchase and upgrades using our EXCLUSIVE LINK.

What’s included

  • All Astra Pro features
  • 150+ Premium templates
  • Unlimited website usage
  • WP Portfolio plugin
  • One to One support
  • Extensive training
  • Choice of one page builder addon (Elementor / Beaver Builder)

Growth Bundle (Previously Agency Bundle)

The top tier plan by Astra is the Growth Bundle and before this rebranding update was known as the Agency Bundle.

This membership plan by Astra is the most popular as it includes all the existing and future plugins by Brainstormforce.

The Growth Bundle by Astra is priced at $249 for annual and $699 for lifetime license. Using our SPECIAL LINK you can get an additional 20% discount on your purchase or upgrade.

What’s included

  • All Astra Pro features
  • 150+ Premium templates
  • Unlimited website usage
  • Extensive training
  • One to One support
  • Skilljet Academy
  • WP Portfolio plugin
  • Ultimate addons for Beaver Builder
  • Ultimate addons for Elementor
  • Convert Pro
  • Schema Pro
  • All future plugins

WP Astra additional 20% discount coupon code

Now that you are familiar with the latest WP Astra rebranding update, the next thing we will be discussing is the additional 20% off that you can get on your new purchase and upgardes.

First thing first, this offer is valid for a limited time only and this means you will get an extra discount on your purchase if you use our SPECIAL LINK and follow the tutorial below.

Additional 20% discount on Astra plans
Additional 20% discount on Astra plans

In case this offer expires then you will still get up to 40% off on annual and 60% discount on the lifetime licenses.

How to claim the additional 20% discount on Astra theme plans

  • To activate the extra 20% off, the first step is to visit wpastra.com using our EXCLUSIVE LINK. ( Coupon code will be automatically applied)
  • Once on the homepage you need to visit the pricing page using the main navigation and there you need to select a plan depending on your requirements.
  • Remember Growth is the most popular and with a lifetime license, it offers most value for money.
  • On selecting the plan, it will take you to the checkout page where you will have to provide some basic information about yourself for the account creation and in the next step you need to complete the payment process.
  • Before you proceed and pay do check if you are getting the extra 20% discount. In case the discount is not applied directly then use the coupon code GrowWithAstra.

Kindly note that this Astra promo code is valid for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Having said that,

I hope you will find this article helpful and are fully familiar with Astra’s newly rebranded plans and the discount.

In case you have any queries feel free to reach out via the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with others on social media.

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